This class works with young students on loco motor skills as well as social skills. They will learn beginning steps of ballet, tap and a little tumbling.

Classes combining ballet, tap, jazz and baton exposing students to many forms of dance. Combination classes are for the beginner students age 5-8 as an introductory class to expose them to several different styles of dance as well as tumbling.  They will then be able to decide which area of dance they wish to pursue in the future.


The basis for all dance. Ballet will develop poise, coordination and grace. We will dance to classical and Christian music. Students may eventually progress to Pointe with the teacher’s approval.


A fun class that teaches rhythm, timing and balance. We will begin at the most basic and work to the most advanced steps.


We will work on flexibility strengthening conditioning. Students will dance to upbeat music and focus on proper jazz techniques.


A high energy freestyle dance form that has evolved into one of the most popular forms of dance today.


This class will work on strengthening and agility while involving a high degree of flexibility.  Students will work on gymnastic technique that can be incorporated into a dance routine including handstands, cartwheels, handsprings, walkovers, aerials, etc.


Combines dance, coordination, agility and flexibility while manipulating a metal baton (we can measure students and order them) to music of all genres. As in all forms of dance learning, musicality and timing is a key component.


A form of dance that incorporates jazz and ballet technique to express the lyrics of a song through fluid movement. Intermediate ballet/jazz students may register for this class pending teacher approval.

Musical Theatre/Voice

An exciting class that teaches vocal training exercises as well as beginner dance movement. Theatre and Dance history will also be taught. Students will perform all song and dance routines to selections from various Broadway shows.

Dance Team Prep

A class taught to help with preparing students for auditions or tryouts for the middle school, high school or college level dance squads. We also offer Baton, Cheer or Pom assistance if that is a requirement. Former DDU students after dancing and or twirling in the middle school and high school level they have gone onto to perform on squads at UAB, Huntingdon, UNA, Troy, JSU and Snead. This class works on flexibility, technique and showmanship while covering all the skills they will need for the exact squad for which they are auditioning.

Dazzlers Competition Team

Our audition date will be announced once classes begin in the fall if they would like to participate in this traveling team.  This enables new students transferring to our studio to be eligible.  Students must take a minimum of two classes a week in addition to their company class.  The most important style of dance to build a great foundation is ballet, but they are welcome to try tap, jazz, cheerdanz and acrobatics.  Students will audition in proper dance attire for our staff.  They will be scored on their current technique as well as the potential the staff sees for growth in a dancer through a competitive and more disciplined class.

Private Lessons

This time may be spent working on technique or learning something for a pageant, talent show or contest. Contact the office for available times.

Tuition Fee Schedule

A non-refundable fee of $30.00 per family is due for registration each year.