About Us

We opened our doors in 1998 offering a variety of dance classes for all ages. We believe dance should enhance the lives of our students in a fun and positive atmosphere while developing a lifelong appreciation for music, dance and the arts. Our highly dedicated staff is honored to work with your children and share in their lives. Our classes help develop coordination and poise while building self esteem and confidence. They will also learn musicality, rhythm and dance technique in class. We believe dance is more than perfect technique and steps, dance gives children a creative outlet where they learn about commitment, experience teamwork, discipline and hard work. Dance extends children's creativity and self expression while learning that through dedication and determination they can achieve their goals.

Dance Attire

  • Proper dance attire is important and builds discipline in students. Shorts and t-shirts are not dance clothes.

  • Younger students should wear solid color leotards and tights.

  • Ballet students must wear pink tights and black leotards with pink ballet shoes.

  • Tap/Jazz students can wear black jazz pants, black skort or black dance shorts with their leotard. Tan tap shoes are required for older tap classes and tan tap shoes for our younger tap students. Tan jazz shoes are required for jazz class.

  • Hair must be worn up and away from the face.

  • Names should be written in all shoes with permanent marker.

Dance shoes are not to be worn outside of the studio. Also, in the winter months students must wear a windsuit or sweatsuit to and from class. Bloom Dancewear in Huntsville provides a complete line of all your dancewear needs throughout the year. You can also check out the web stores Discount Dance Supply or Dancewear Solutions for great sales and close-outs.


It is important to have good attendance throughout the year to maximize your child’s progress as well as their classmates. Good attendance is appreciated by the teacher and classmates but is not rewarded. Missed classes due to illness may be made up within two weeks of the absence. Contact the office about available class times. No refunds or deductions are given for missed classes. Students must be present 85% spring semester to be eligible to perform in the spring dance revue.

Communication Corner

Since instruction time is precious, please send us an email at danasdance5678@gmail.com when you
have a question or concern. That way your questions can be addressed, the instructor isn’t held up, and
the next class can start on time. You will appreciate it when the next class is your class.
When in question of class cancellations due to a severe weather threat please Check our news page on here or call our office at
256-931-5678 before your scheduled class time for updates. Our voicemail will make you aware of
possible closings and rescheduled class times. Please also check our website www.danasdance.org or
our Facebook and Instagram pages. Throughout the year we will post reminders and upcoming events on
your parent portal as well as send emails to the email account you provide to us for your convenience.
The link to the Parent Portal is https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/portal/ppLogin.asp?id=532142 and your
user ID will be the email address you registered with.

Open House

We hold an open house the last week of classes in October. Parents and grandparents are invited to observe their child’s class during that week and see the progress they have made during the first semester. Visitors are always welcome to observe the two dance rooms through the windows in the lobby. This allows your child to concentrate and ensures our class time is more productive. Please be courteous to the students and others in the lobby by speaking quietly and not allowing other children to be disruptive. There is only a wall between the rooms and students are frequently distracted by commotion in the lobby.

Spring Dance Revue

  • Our spring dance revue is a much-anticipated event teaching children stage directions, theater etiquette, cooperation and confidence. It is held at the Arab High School Auditorium the last Sunday in May with a Matinee show and a full mandatory dress rehearsal on the Saturday before.

  • Dance costumes will be ordered in December. There are no refunds on costumes and alterations if needed are an additional cost. The costume fee is added into your monthly tuition cost.

  • Every student must have a $0 balance to participate in the dance revue. The week before dress rehearsal you must take care of your final balance due and pick up your recital tickets and recital t-shirt.

  • Our recital fee is added into your monthly tuition cost which includes a finale t-shirt, a souvenir picture program book (additional programs are $10), a link to our digital DVD of the recital edited by a professional dance videographer, 2 parent tickets (additional tickets are $10 each), music editing fees, theatre and additional lighting rental, backdrops and decorations.

Optional Expenses

Throughout the year you may wish to purchase additional items such as dance t-shirts, for parades, professional dance pictures, sweat suit cover-ups, a congratulatory program ad or dance revue videos.


We do offer a cookie dough fundraiser during our fall semester for all students that wish to participate.  The profit you raise will go into your dance account to offset your fees. Some of our parents are successful in raising enough funds to pay for the entire year of dance.


When in question of class cancellations due to a severe weather threat please call our office at 256-931-5678 before your scheduled class time for updates. Our voice mail will make you aware of possible closings and rescheduled class times.

Tuition & Payments

  • All tuition is due and payable on the first day of class each month. Tuition will only be accepted via ACH bank withdrawal or automatic credit card billing. Please complete either the ACH or Credit Card Form and return to the studio no later than August 16th. There will be a $20.00 late fee charged to your account if the credit card or bank account on file is declined. Tuition is an annual fee broken up into monthly payments for your convenience. No refunds or deductions are given if a child misses class for any reason. Tuition is prorated only for the first month when a student joins our dance school mid-session. Tuition rates are not prorated any other time. You receive a 10% discount if you pay for the year by September 30th.

  • If a student needs to drop a class during the year please fill out a drop request form at least 10 days prior to the first of the next month, otherwise you will continue to be billed monthly.

  • If you have any questions throughout the year with your statements please call our office to set up an appointment with our bookkeeper. We want to take care of your financial concerns as soon as they arise. However, you can log onto your parent portal at anytime to view your account for your convenience.

Registration & Fees

When in question of class cancellations due to a severe weather threat please call our office at 256-931-5678 before your scheduled class time for updates. Our voice mail will make you aware of possible closings and rescheduled class times.

Dance Time per week / Tuition per month

1 hour                             $65.00

1 ½ hours                       $75.00

2 hours                           $85.00